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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Blogging in a concrete world

by KeesjeMaduraatje

today I have attended the Blognomics.nl
The Economics & Mechanics of Blogging
congres in Amsterdam. It was a very interesting congres with some interesting speakers and guests. Blogging is one of the most rapid growing activities in the Internet, especially in the Netherlands( compared to other European Countries). The blogs on web-log.nl are for 60% written by women. The most important themes are cats, love and kids. Every 3 minutes a new blog is created. At the moment there are 250.000 blogs. Weblogging is becoming a serious alternative news medium and economic factor.

(guess who's me. No, not the bold one)

In the break I met an employee of HIVOS a third world development organisation who told me that weblogging is maybe in the future an alternative for official state media in Africa and other third world regions. For instance in Zimbabwe, the non-governamental groups don't have any possibility to give opinions and contribute to the public opinion.

For me it was a very inspiring experience because I regarded webloging as just a fun and I did not realize that some people make there work out of it. For instance consulting companies concerning blog-marketing. I also realized during our chat in the break that my existence has again split in three parts: my family life, my blog-life and my Business-life. Three worlds that don't connect at all.

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