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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

When Harry meets Gretta

By Keesjemaduraatje

My eldest son came down the stairs, upset. Did you hear what the MP Harry van Bommel shouted?
"I know", I replied. "I just heard it."
Demo "Intifada, Intifada", he shouted.
"I know"
"You don't seem to be very surprised about it", he sustained.
"No. Harry is a very intelligent and gentle man. Too gentle sometimes. Now you can see that intelligence does not mean you are wise."
"This is so ridiculous, to summon for intifada, for violence towards civilians"
"I have been in so many demonstrations. The madmen and the fanatics gather in those uprisings"
"Don't they know anything"
"Even when you know a lot of facts, its the way you judge and evaluate the facts"
"He promotes and supports Hamas, Syria and Iran"
"The problem is, that this man is not a bad person. Gretta is full of hate. Harry sees a lot, but still is blind."

1 comment:

Bas said...

Not so long time ago ships where sailing from the Netherlands to the ,sometimes the end of the word,to look for opportunities to earn money.
To keep the low IQ crew happy was difficult.
People like Harry where warned to stop fucking up the crew with tales of there rights.
The promises rewards for the lower ranks if successful where a waist on people like Harry.
With the result that any Harry trying his thing after sailing time was thrown over the side if anything else failed.
The VOC ,ruled by Harry,s will never be able to exist in history.
Now, today ,Harry is still alive and kicking.
And he have improved ,he is following orders.
This time from a religion that gives promises so great that it is outdoing the crap from the VOC.
And so justified for a low IQ like the rest of the crew ,he believes it.
Kijk net naar dat gezicht van Greta en Harry .
Hoer en hoerenloper ,allebei met op het gezicht geschreven de hoop op een beter leven.
Time to trow them over the side !!!!!!!!!!!