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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Quotations of chairman DarlingKenj

Said Roustayar, bekend geworden vanwege de Schilderswijkrellen en zijn veroordeling voor het omgooien en in brand steken van een bouwkeet, laat weer van zich horen via zijn vriendin DarlinKenj. Kenj is bachelorstudent rechten in Leuven, lid van de actiegroep "Students for justice in Palestine-Leuven" en actief lid van de maöistische Filipijnse organisatie UGNAYANG PILIPINO SA BELGIUM. Said Roustayar , vriendje van Thomas van Beersum en lid van de extremistische groep MovementX, maar ook van de FNV-Jugendabteilung Young & United, ergert zich over de berichtgeving omtrent zijn persoon en vraagt via zijn Philipijnse vriendin of de content verwijderd kan worden.

Hi, I would like you to delete all the articles you wrote about Said. If you fail to do so I will file a complain of cyber bullying and libel.
Thank you.
WO 14:46
Je hebt het verzoek van Kenj geaccepteerd.
Je hebt Kenj toegevoegd op Messenger.
Thank you for the comments. Please let me know your full name ,office and adress. I regard your request as non serious in case you stay anonymous
WO 16:05
your friend is a convicted violent rioter . Also newspapers have written articles about his trial. In case you don't know, I will send the links to you. The demonstrations he participated in , are public events. This give me the right to comment his person and the involved events. On top of that, Said is observed as member of an anti-Israeli group participating in anti-Israeli activism, during the 5 May market in Den Haag. This also give me the right and obligation to comment on my blog. This is normal in an open society and democracy. On your facebook profile , I can see that you don't support the principles of an open and democratic society. Pictures of chairman Mao show your real aim. As a democrat I support the freedom of expression and I don't support the restriction of those views. But I have the right to publish on these views as part of the discussion in society. (Maatschappelijke discussie) I have been writing on those issues since 2005 on my blog. My speciality is terrorisme and Israël. Please advise you friend Said Roustayar to find a job and be cool.
regards and best wishes. Kees
WO 19:39
Well it seems like you are very bad at what you do since you keep on using words of accussations and assumptions, no wonder your articles are pure subjective and detach from reality. But since you are writing since 2005, I figured you know the words: Right to privacy, libel, slander? How about aggrevated defamation and distribution of slanderous articles or contents? In othet words, no, you have no right or whatsover to right or comment and let alonr distribute your articles about him without his permission especially of the articles yoi have written are false or contain any of the offenses I have mentioned above. Furthermore, you have no right to stalk me or him. Everything you mentioned in this message will be used against you and this is enough evidence (plus your poorly written articles). The offensed I have mentioned has penalty of up to fourth degree fine, €20,000 euros and upto 3 years in jail. But I figured, this you already know.
*whatsoever to write
I will publish your comments . Please let me know which lies I published. In case I am wrong, I will adjust the articles accordingly. In the mean time I will prepare a new article about your boyfriends anti-Israeli activity.,with pictures
That would be great! Please do so we have more evidences against you, once we started filing the law suit!

Are you talking about Dutch criminal law or Dutch civil law? Which law articles are you referring to? Do you know Dutch law and jurisprudence?
I am talking about Dutch law vis-a-vis European Privacy Law and European Data Protection law which you completely breach. But anyhow, please continue publishing articles against him so we have more evidences against you. Whilst you are preparing for new articles about him, we will busy ourselves with the lawsuit. Have a good life.

Go in peace with chairman Mao!!

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