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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Palestinians don't deserve state

Former Director CIA: Palestinians don’t deserve State

January 25th, 2007

Israel national news reports on the interview between James Woolsey, former Director CIA and Alex Traiman of IsraelNationalRadio.  James Woosley says that a Palestinian state should wait “many decades” until they stop teaching their children to hate and murder. .

Asked his opinion on the establishment of a Palestinian state, the former CIA director recommended that it not happen in the coming decades. He said that though the Jewish presence in this region precedes the Moslem claim - “for some Muslims like Arafat to deny that Jews were ever present here is idiotic” - the Moslems also have national rights in the area.

Not only does Mr. Woolsey say that statehood should not happen for decades but also discounts the notion that the Jews are occupiers.

Openly avoiding the question of the nature or borders of a Palestinian state, he emphasized his opinion that “the Palestinians should not be granted the right to statehood until they start to treat Israeli Jews who settle in the West Bank as fairly as Israel treats its Muslim citizens.”

This is not likely in the current climate for quite sometime.  Remember what the children of Palestine are taught in school at a very young age about Jews.  Jews are pigs and so on.  This lends itself to generation after generation unable to respect Israelis nor make peace.

I am sure this will be many decades from now, though, because their children are taught the Wahhabi doctrine of being suicide bombers and the like.”

The Israeli’s on the other hand treat Arabs living in Israel as any other citizen.

“An Arab Muslim living in Jaffa,” Woolsey said, “enjoys freedom of speech, religion, and expression, and can vote for his representatives in the Knesset, and doesn’t go to sleep worrying that some government element might come and kill him.

I think that once the Palestinians start treating Jewish settlers with that same degree of humanity - and they’re very, very far from doing that now - at that point I think we have to seriously consider how they could have some degree of self-governing. I won’t get into the question of borders, but what I think is that the Palestinians must be held to the same standards as Israel regarding how they treat the other.

Palestinians held to the same standard?  Oh my; what a bold statement. 

Would that apply to the media as well?  The media does not portray the Israeli’s and Palestinians equally. The media skewers Israel for every infraction no matter how small.  While simultaneously giving the Palestinians a pass for much more egregious acts.  What makes the lopsided blame game worse is the Israeli incidents are usually collateral damage, accidental.  While the Palenstinian incidents directly target civilians.

Even the United Nations is guilty of this lopsided blame game.  In 2006,  Israel was number one with actions totaling more than 133 filed against it.   Sudan which is currently performing genocide in Darfur only has 68.   Why does the murderers of hundreds of thousands get less actions than Israel? 

Mr Woosley is right on with his statement on Syria and the Unilateral withdrawl from the West Bank.

”Appeasement isn’t called playing a card - it’s just folding. I think those steps that you just mentioned are most unwise. Talking to Syria and negotiating should be done only when one has leverage… Unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank would not be a wise step for Israel to take; when one sees what happened in Gaza, and sees the political advantage that Hamas has taken of the situation to claim unilateral victory and now to be part of the PA government - how many failures do you need before you recognize that it’s a failure?”

Although Mr. Woosley has given clear common sense statements that speak to many of the central issues that face Israel today.  I doubt the”peace at any cost” groups will take anything he has said to heart.

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