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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Terrorisme neemt toe in Judea en Samaria

By Hillel Fendel

With the signing of the Fatah-Hamas agreement and the Mughrabi Gate
excavations, Palestinian terrorism has increased in recent days - as
have signs of Hizbullah involvement.

No fewer than 12 rock-throwing incidents were recorded over the past
two days in
Judea and Samaria
, in which five people were wounded.  In
one case, two buses to Maaleh Adumim from
were stoned with
heavy rocks, smashing large windows in one of the buses and wounding
one young woman in the head.

Meanwhile, the IDF has not let up in its attempts to arrest wanted
terrorists.  Arutz-7's Kobi Finkler reports that terrorists arrested
last month revealed their ties with Hizbullah terrorists in
One illegal Arab alien was arrested while gathering information on
civilian infrastructures in
- at the behest of Hizbullah.

Especially over the last two years, Hizbullah has been increasing
gathering information on
's security apparatus, civilian
infrastructures such as electricity, energy and chemicals, and IDF
deployment along the northern border.  Hizbullah - funded and
supervised by
- is also interested in Israeli politics and public

A security officer told Finkler that Hizbullah is developing a wide
array of agents and sources in
for its information.  In
addition to the Israeli media, which unwittingly provided valuable
information such as the precise location of Katyusha rocket landings
during the recent war, Hizbullah is developing civilian and military
agents who have access to other sensitive information and who can
either be blackmailed or are interested in harming
.  They must
also be able to meet Hizbullah agents abroad.  Among the prime
candidates for such collaboration are drug dealers, other criminals,
former and current police and army personnel, Israeli-Arabs, reporters
and businessmen.

The wide-ranging drug smuggling network from Lebanon to Israel is a
part of the Hizbullah information-gathering network.  Israeli
drug-runners are carefully watched, and part of the payment for the
drugs is often sensitive Israeli information.  It can be assumed that
whatever Hizbullah receives about
is shared with its sponsor,

  Recent Terror Round-Up
Two Israelis were hurt in a stoning incident at a car on
Mt. of
, and a Border Guard policewoman was hurt in the Jabel Mukabar
neighborhood of eastern
.  A woman was hurt east of Kalkilye,
and three Arabs were arrested after they threw Molotov cocktails
northwest of Ramallah.

IDF forces arrested 18 wanted terrorists throughout
Judea and Samaria

last night, including 13 in the Hevron area and southward.

Terrorists fired an anti-tank rocket at an IDF patrol north of
causing no damage.  Nearby, Israeli forces warned two terrorists to
halt as they approached the border fence - and when they did not stop,
the forces shot, killing one

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