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Monday, May 16, 2005

Libertarian Right

From libertarian left to libertarian right
by KeesjeMaduraatje

some readers have asked me to explain my move from the left-wing political spectrum to the right wing. First I tried to defend this choise by stating that left and right are no longer useable criteria in politics. Another try was the log below explaining the move of Alexander Cohen from anarchist to monarchist. It did not help. My friend Wim Nusselder helped me out by sending me a diagram as shown below.

In this diagram, two criteria are used: economic regulation by the state and the degree of individual freedom we want. By answering a set of questions on http://www.politicalcompass.org/ , we can find out where we are in the two-dimensional spectrum of economic scale and social scale. In the diagram below we can see where famous leaders stand for in this scale:

Of course you can also have different opinions about how left-wing Hitler was on a economic scale. To my opinion there was not much difference between him, Stalin and Sadam Hussein.
More important is the conclusion that there is not such as a one-linear scale from right wing to left wing, where only left wing has the only right answers to fascism. In the picture below we can see that most current leaders are in the authoritarian right quarter of the diagram.

Now you want to know where my standpoint is? I used to be a neighbour (in the diagram) of Ghandi.
I only moved a few centimeter to the right in the direction of Friedmann. So I am libertarian right.
This means that my standpoints are pro:

-freedom of speech for everyone (inclusive NVU)
-freedom of film making and distribution
-free trade of all drugs
-freedom of religion

and contra:

-state regulations
-too much welfare

That makes me a right wing libertarian. I am happy to know what is. It is not a disease.

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Gert said...

Leuke test. Blijkt opeens dat ik behoorlijk linkse opvattingen heb over de economie en precies in evenwicht ben tussen autoritair en liberaal. Weten we dat ook weer. :D