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Friday, February 23, 2018

The ten lies of Rasmea Odeh, explained for the workers of Revolutionaire Eenheid

27 February 2018, the marxist student group 'Revolutionaire Eenheid' organises a meeting with former PFLP-terrorist Rasmea Odeh, also known as Rasmea Yousef, Rasmieh Steve, and Rasmieh Joseph Steve. The meeting is co-organized by the Philipine communist exile organisation Anakbyan.
During her trial in 2013 and 2017, Rasmea Odeh has been lying about almost everything, concerning her terrorists crimes, the detention and immigration. The organisation Revolutionaire eenheid supports these lies, even adds some more lies:

First Lie
The organisation of this pro-Palestinian meeting writes in a press statement, that the Nassaukerk was 'threatened by zionists' and therefore cancelled the meeting.

The truth:
The Philipine marxist organisation Anakbyan rented the meeting room, without revealing the real content of the meeting. The pro-Israel CIDI organisation posed questions and asked if the church was aware of the revolutionary past of Rasmea Odeh. In 1969, she killed two Israeli young men with a bomb and was convicted for this terrorist act. After  these questions, and the questions in parliament by the Dutch PVV party, the Nassau-church cancelled the meeting room-agreement.

Second Lie
In 1980, Rasmea Odeh was released by the Israeli government, after ten years of jail, in exchange to Israeli soldiers, held by Fatah. She migrated to the United States in 1995 and defrauded the immigration forms, by filling in, that she was never convicted of any crime.

Third lie
The American citizenship was obtained by Rasmea Odeh, by not telling the truth about her terrorist background.

Fourth Lie
In 2013 the real identity of Rasmea Odeh was revealed and she was sentenced to jail.  During this trial, she stated , that she did not remember to have been convicted, because of post-stress-syndrome, caused of torture by the  Israeli soldiers.

The truth:
Rasmea Odeh was interviewed for the  movie 'Women in Struggle', by  Buthina Canaan Khoury (2004) and told about her Palestinian struggle and detention. Rasmea Odeh was interviewed for the book "Daughters of Palestine" (1996) and was even on the book cover.

Fifths Lie
Rasmea Odeh told the court, that she was tortured and raped for 25 days, by the Israeli military, before confessing. In reality she confessed after one day, betrayed some of her comrades and showed the police where the bomb-material was hidden. Her father was not aware of the hiding place in his house and was not punished.

Sixth lieRasmea Odeh told her supporters, that she did not have a lawyer during her process in Jerusalem, in 1970.  In reality, the Jerusalem Post published a picture of her and her companion  , together with a lawyer, during the trial.

Seventh lie
Rasmea Odeh stated , that her confession was done under torture and rape, and that she did not commit the crime. Her companion Ayesha Odeh is shown on Youtube telling that Rasmea Odeh was one of the terrorists.

Eights lie
Rasmea Odeh states that she was a non important student activist. The truth is, that the Black September terrorists demanded her release during the Munich Olympic village kidnapping. Andreas Baader and other RAF terrorists were also on this list of 246 to be released terrorists.

Ninth lie
Rasmea Odeh says, she was just one of the PFLP soldiers in the operation killing  Leon “Arie” Kanner, 21,  and Edward Joffe (22), in 1969. She states not to be the organiser of the bombing. Her companion Aisha Odeh stated that Rasmea Odeh and a third individual, Rasheda Obideh had gone and studied the location in advance.  This makes her one of the organisers of the bombing.  Later she tried to bomb the British Consulate in Israel.

Tenth Lie
During the campaign against Israel, Rasmea Odeh stated, that  she was shot in the chest, protesting against war crimes in Gaza. In reality, she was never shot down during such a protest.

After all those lies against attorneys, immigration officers and the court, even against the Palestinian supporters, Rasmea Odeh promises van Thomas van Beersum and Bob Scholte, that she would come to Amsterdam and speak about struggle of Palestinians. Who is believing this woman?


Anton van Haasteren said...

If your belief is strong enough, it becomes reality.

Anton van Haasteren said...

Happyly, I do not belief so much.

Jan said...

On one hand we could be glad van Beersum and his associates have invited this woman who basically had become a irrelevant relic. Presenting here as a victim will have no influences on the minds of the leftist hard-liners what so ever, they do not have to be convinced, as they already are usefully idiots as Lenin us to call them, deprived of their inner independence. Van Beersum is underestimating the truth-finding mechanism of the internet, and if he believes this is the way to find new usefully idiots, he is wrong.

We can possible agree Rasmea Odeh was born 22-5-1947 in Lifta, a little Arab village on the outskirts of Jerusalem, but she was born as a Jordanian citizen, and she and her family were not stateless Palestinian refugees. She never proved her place of birth, delivering a official birth certificate to the authorities. Even on the Wikipedia page there is no information about here childhood, here life seemed to begin in 1969 when she was arrested for terrorists acts.